Springbok Charlene Bag


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Springbok are medium-sized antelope that live in south and south-western Africa and inhabit dry inland areas including grasslands, shrub lands and deserts. They are prevalent in game parks and commonly are raised on game farms in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and Namibia. They are the national animal of South Africa. Springbok meat is highly prized and a sought-after export item. The skins are by-products that are used in industry in the manufacture of various products.

In the manufacture of the handbags and cushions, FSP always seek to select the finest Springbok skins (hides) with the least amount of defects. They work only with verified Springbok skin suppliers. The Springbok skins used in the manufacturing process are obtained through government approved herd reduction programs. The purchase of a Springbok product ensures the development and survival of this beautiful animal.

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