Bead H Lion


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Glass beads have been used in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 500 years. Initially for personal adornment and then later to create beautiful works of art.
Our exceptional pieces have been made from glass beads and high-quality wire by Bongani, a master beader, and his team. Bongani is from Zimbabwe and has been handmaking his original designs for over 20 years. His artwork is held in very high regard and he has exhibited in Europe and the USA.
With the high unemployment amongst the youth in Africa, Bongani has started a co-op where he mentors and passes on his skills in beadwork.
We have electroplated each piece to make it corrosion resistant so you will have more options for displaying your purchase.
We are sure this beautiful work of art will take pride of place on your wall, provide a great topic of conversation with your friends and bring you many years of pleasure.

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